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My 21 day workbook will help you build a content strategy for your business, starting with your customer first. With this workbook you can start implementing strategies and techniques right away. The weekly schedule helps you get organized, stay accountable and gets you started on developing your content confidently and easily from week to week.

What to Expect Inside the Workbook:

  • Identify your Target Market and Customer Avatar.
  • Differentiate between Features and Benefits of your Product or Service.
  • Create Calls to Action.
  • How to Batch Content and Create a Content Calendar.
  • How to Implement Reporting and Track your Success.
  • Generate ongoing content ideas well into the future.
  • Don’t get stuck making average content.

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Weekly Breakdown:

Days 1 -7

Days 1 -7

  • Dive deep into your target market and uncover your customer avatar.
  • Review the top Social Media Platforms; where do your customers hang out? Start with those.
  • Breakdown the features and benefits of your products/s with our Features and benefits Matrix. Discover how to position your product in the right way in the mind of your customers.
  • Breakdown calls to action so people will know and become familiar with what your product is and how to use it.
Day 7 – 14

Day 7 – 14

  • Time to get creative!
  • Types of content and what’s hot, right now!
  • Start developing copy for posts, and sales copy you can use for the future.
  • Create a content calendar.
  • Batching content and scheduling content.
  • Tools for best practice.
Day 14 -21

Day 14 -21

  • How to track and report content that is working on a monthly basis.
  • How to generate new ideas.
  • How to build community with your content.
  • Ways to keep growing your brand values and your business through your content.
  • Have goals with your content, develop strategies (with 20 you can use RIGHT NOW) and always plan ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a workbook for beginners?

Yes. You can use this workbook if you are a beginner or intermediate content creator. This workbook is geared more towards business owners who want to understand social media content creation and develop a strategy for their product or service.

I have experience with Content, should I still download this workbook?

You can use this workbook to get organized, learn new content strategies, sell your product in new ways and uncover key insights to your customers you might not of thought of before, which will definitely improve your content strategy.

Is there a group to participate in to ask questions and go through the workbook with others?

Yes. Diving into content to scale your business is a creative process! That is why I have created a Facebook pop-up group for people to come together to share ideas and generate content. The group is called; but first, Content. You can find the link in the messenger bot after downloading the workbook. 😊

What kinds of content will I learn about?

Content creation is about learning what types of content you can create, what resonates best with your audience and doing more of that. We will go over regular posts, long form vs. short form content, video content, blogs and how to repurpose them into more content. The sky in the beginning!

What can I expect upon completion of the workbook?

Expect to use your workbook as you guide! You will learn so much about your ideal customer, the features and benefits of your product and how to create calls to action in your content to generate more interest, sales, ad copy and more!

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Who am I?

Deonnah Carolus | CEO of Summit Web Marketing

My passion for helping others began when I understood that I had knack for guiding people towards what they are passionate about and creating a life they love!  I now help dreamers and doers with big ideas that don’t know where to start or need a little help with launching their vision. Throughout my journey, I discovered that I am most passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get clear about what they are doing, where they want to go, and how we can get them there.

You can find me teaching people how to craft up a new website on WordPress or Shopify, use Social Media tools like Facebook and Facebook Ads, ChatBots to generate leads and awareness, and Instagram to attract the right people to your business.


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