5 Email Headlines that Convert!

Email is the crown jewel of eCommerce. 👑 Fun Fact: subject lines convince 50% of your subscribers to open your emails – CLEARLY it’s important to pay attention to these small yet mighty marketing techniques.

On top of this, email is the best way to create relationships, get shoppers to come back (hellp discounts!) and keep communication lines open. 

With that, here are my 5 favorite email headlines that convert!

➡️ Thanks for your order! – What I love about this one is that people will actually think they ordered something, but once they open it, give them a special 20% off code and link to their fave products.

➡️ Mystery Offer Inside – If you are into gamification, have your list spin a wheel for your mystery offer. They can get an instant offer to use ASAP.

➡️ Your ______ issue, solved! – Fill-in-the-blank with your client’s or customer’s pain points. Where did all the ______ go? –

➡️ Another fill-in-the-blank with your customer’s desire.

➡️ Happy Birthday {First name}! FREE Gift Inside – Because who doesn’t love free stuff on their birthday. Plus, it’s a nice touch to give your customers.

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