5 Social Media Tactics to Grow Your E-Commerce Business


Many e-commerce business owners think that having a social media presence is enough to get in front of their target audience. But what they fail to realize is that there are millions of businesses on social media right now, all vying for the attention of their target market. It doesn’t take long to realize that you need more than just organic content to grow your eCommerce brand on social.  

Integrating social media into your marketing mix can become one of the biggest catalysts to your business’ success. With the right strategy, it can help improve brand awareness, boost sales, and grow your business.

Here are 5 social media strategies you can implement to grow your e-commerce business.

Connect and engage with your audience

In today’s digital age, promoting your brand on social media is vital. While talking about your products and services can help people get to know what your brand is about, this strategy isn’t enough to generate sales. To achieve business growth, you need to engage with your audience.

E-commerce isn’t just about pitching your products online and then hoping people buy them. You can’t expect visitors to purchase the first time they visit your website. You need to earn their trust first.

Converse with your audience on a regular basis. Ask questions, answer their questions, listen to their concerns. Take polls. Remember, people want to buy from brands that relate to them, human to human.

Always strive for quality rather than quantity. There is no point in having 10,000 followers on social media if only 10% of them are engaging with you. Take note, strong social media engagement is a sign that you’re making an impact, and that’s what your brand should aim to do.

Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media channels out there. Chances are good that your target audience are on Facebook.

With millions of posts being published on a daily basis, and the algorithms catering to users likes and dislikes, capturing the attention of your audience can be a bit of a challenge. You can’t just rely on organic traffic. In this case, a combination or organic and paid strategies is usually the way to go.

Investing in Facebook ads will not only help you get in front of your target audience, but you can start building audiences to engage with later. Start gathering data on your web visitors, Facebook page visitors, Instagram followers and other audiences with your Facebook Pixel.

Your Facebook Pixel helps you track your audience’s behavior on and off your site. You can use this data to improve your campaigns and boost your conversion rate.

Go live!

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, brick-and-mortar businesses were forced to close for weeks to months at a time. With social distancing guidelines in place, businesses must find new ways to stay relevant. Live streaming will help your business connect with your audience, and help you to remain in business.

Let’s be real…live streaming is nothing new. I know you remember the days of QVC and the home shopping network. These were some of the first in-home shopping experience paving the way for live e-commerce.

Live content has always been and is still very much in-demand. With the right gameplan, you can use live streaming to increase your visibility and boost your conversion rate.

Utilize user-generated content

Let’s face it. Today’s buyers are smart. They can smell a sales pitch from a mile away. So if you’re looking to gain the trust of potential customers, put your customers front and center.

Most shoppers read about 8 to 10 reviews before making a purchase decision. They’d rather read reviews than listen to your brand message. That’s where user-generated content comes in. It’s that GIANT vote of confidence your brand needs to give buyers confidence in their purchase.

Turn happy customers into brand evangelists by encouraging them to snap photos, write reviews, and tell their stories. Not only will it improve brand awareness, but gives your brand social proof, and that’s something money can never buy.

Influencer marketing

Using micro-influencers (accounts that have 1k-5k followers) to promote products is a tried and tested strategy that businesses use to grow their brands.

There are thousands of influencers in every niche you can think of. These influencers can give you access to enormous audiences you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest online customer acquisition methods. In fact, a 2019 study suggests that brands make an average of $7.65 for every $1 they invest in influencer marketing.

Final thoughts

You’re well aware of the important role social media plays in growing your business. But it can be daunting to start from scratch, or when you are considering your next strategy for an upcoming campaign using social channels to build your brand with. Start here for information on what NOT to do on social media if you are a brand just starting out.

Luckily, you don’t need to do everything on your own. We are here to help. Contact us to see how we can elevate your e-commerce presence and grow your business with you!

Published October 20, 2020 by Deonnah Carolus