If you are in marketing or any type of business you know that live video is the number one tool for marketing your product or service. However, video can be intimidating and even more so in real time! Well, fear not! I have 5 tips to help you prepare to share your offer with the world. Read on to discover my 5 Live Video tips to prepare for your first live stream video!

Get Prepared

Start with an outline. It’s always helpful to think first about what you want to say, then how you want to say it. Starting with an introductory video is always a great idea, especially if you are going to do a sequence of videos or want to build a community! 

Gather your Talking Points 

My advice with this is to pick 2 points to include in your video. You can include these in your intro video or create a different video segment elaborating on 2 points. Having 2 to 3 points is good because you will keep your audience engaged, encourage them to ask questions, and keep a point of reference to successfully open, discuss and close the video. 

Encourage Engagement 

When going Live, it’s good to consider engaging with your audiences. Connecting with them through common points of interest will get them thinking, let them get to know you and you them, and give you ideas for future videos! You can ask them to post a number, or an emoji if they agree with something you say, or use a hashtag to contribute to your particular video. 


Offer a free giveaway by way of engagement. In other words, encourage engagement by giving away something for free! You can offer a sample of your product or offer an aspect of the service you provide! If your viewers know there is something in it for them to participate, they will be more inclined to do so. 

Don’t beat yourself up

Don’t worry if your first live video isn’t perfect. You will get better with time and practice! There can be a lot to consider; from lighting, getting the best angle, feeling natural and so on. Just keep at it and you will improve in no time! You will be amazed at how far you will come in a short amount of time! 

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