Exploring the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
has always brought me clarity…and big ideas.

With a name like “Summit” you know right away that our goal is to take your marketing to another level. We are an eCommerce social media and brand strategy company. From the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, while hiking some of my favorite trails, the idea for Summit was born. The rest is history…in the making.  

Here’s the good news – You’ve found the place where modern brands and online entrepreneurs come to get clear about their digital marketing and start using the right tools to get their e-commerce business moving forward.

Let’s be real you need a sales and marketing strategy that works. One that gets your business more exposure in the market and connects your products to your ideal customer. 

You know that marketing is vital to your business, and is something you should be doing consistently, but you’re not quite sure where to begin.

We also get that e-commerce marketing feels a bit mysterious, overwhelming, and oftentimes, complicated.

That’s where we step in, with our proprietary methodology, backed by solid data and proven tactics that turn your future prospects into paying (and loyal) customers. No more second-guessing whether a particular tactic or platform is worth your time, and no more wasting your marketing dollars on strategies that don’t convert.

You could continue spending your precious time and resources trying to figure out what works but you didn’t come this far in your journey just to see your business plateau or shrink into the shadows… 

It’s time you live out your business dreams with less stress and more clients lining up at your digital storefront ready to purchase what you have to offer.

Deonnah Carolus CEO

Meet Deonnah


Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped by. I’ll start by sharing that this business was created because I believe in the power of dreams. Carving a path towards your dream business starts with a vision, but often requires a bit of help. The reason I started Summit was to assist you with bringing that vision you have, to life.

When our team works with you we become an integral part of your business journey. We view our work together as a collaborative process, sharing ideas, and working right alongside you on your marketing goals. We look forward to collaborating with you to get your marketing and your business moving forward.

Professional Cred.

I have my bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing along with a minor degree in Digital Media Design. I have been in the digital marketing space for just over 8 years. Summit was conceived in 2016 after years of freelancing for other agencies in Colorado. I am a certified Facebook marketer and have studied Facebook and Instagram advertising from some of the top trainers in social media.

I have worked with clients ranging from fitness and wellness, med spas, local service-based business, real estate, insurance, and now eCommerce brands, where my marketing passion truly lies. Everything I love about digital marketing can be found in eCommerce.

But the real reason I have such affection for my work is…

I love seeing how a great marketing strategy can ignite excitement in an entrepreneur, restore their confidence, and renew the passion they have for their business.

I am forever grateful for the new and continued relationships I have built with clients over the years. Helping business owners take control of their marketing is what I live for! 

So grab your calendar and get in touch! 

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