Case Study: How we made Honig’s $93,000k
in their first month on Shopify.

New Website and eCommerce Infrastructure – A Case Study

Honig’s came to us needing help with a new website and a complete overhaul of their eCommerce business. This not only included a new website platform, but a new inventory management system, a new email system, a new CRM, updated shipping methods, and the way in which they handled shipping to their current customers, account members, dealers, and foreign countries. Summit recommended Shopify, Ship Station, Finale, Klaviyo, and too many other apps to mention here. Read on to learn how we helped bring Honig’s, a 35-year-old company in the sports apparel industry, into the 21st century. 

The Challenge

Honig’s came to us with a few things already working for them. They had a solid brand, an award-winning reputation, and a global customer base that knew them by name (they are industry leaders in their category no doubt). When Honig’s came to us, they were in search of a new eCommerce platform, ordering framework, inventory management system, and something they had full control over. At the time of our first interaction, they were still on Magento. The problem was, no one could order anything Their checkout was always broken, and orders had to be done via phone call to Honig’s HQ. As you might have guessed, it was a pain for their customers and the staff.  So, we got to work and assisted them with their operational processes, including an ordering system, shipping & delivery systems, email marketing system, heavy customizations of products, and a new website. 

The Solution

We used Shopify to improve their customer’s UI/UX, ShipStation for processing and delivery, Finale for inventory management, Klaviyo for an updated email marketing and list-building system, built out custom contact forms, set up automation to segment lists for marketing campaigns, customized the shopfront in many different areas, built out systems to better recapture cart abandonment, and took them from the literal dark ages to the 21st century.

Within their first 30 days of launching their new website, Honig’s doubled their sales making just over $93,000k. They are now seeing a steady increase in monthly AOV and customer retention month over month. 

The Result

Not only did Honig’s manage to turn around the entire way of doing business, but they also did it on a budget and are now able to see a steady increase in sales and profits. With our guidance and expertise, we were able to turn things around for Honig’s so they can continue to be the leaders in their industry for the next 35 years and more! 

Services Provided to Client:

 Our involvement included:

  • Shopify website build-out 
  • Shopify website SEO implementation 
  • Email marketing platform setup and strategy implementation using Klaviyo
  • Inventory management and customizations using Bold Product Options
  • Shipping zone setup and organization for local, domestic, and international orders
  • Shopify POS setup and integration
  • Bundles for quick and easy ordering
  • Shopify and Klaviyo Training.

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