Sales are the lifeblood of every business. But it is a well known fact that you can’t have sales without leads. A lot of businesses rely on online listing directories and pay-per-lead services like Home Advisor and Angie’s List to generate leads. There are a lot of online review sites out there, but these sites are specifically designed for home service providers.

A lot of homeowners visit these sites when searching for contractors. These sites allow potential customers to learn more information about contractors and read reviews about them. Reviews have a huge impact on a person’s buying decision.

Home Advisor

Word of mouth is the most powerful selling tool. This is because consumers place their trust on the opinion of previous customers. But before you can use word of mouth marketing, you need to have actual customers. This can be a bit of a problem for small or start-up businesses. Getting your first customer isn’t exactly that easy. This is where Home Advisor can help.

Home Advisor can be beneficial for small businesses. They have an incredibly strong web presence and are considered as one of the go-to resources for home improvement tips, advices, and connections. By advertising with Home Advisor, you can leverage their brand to reach a wider audience and gain trust. They can even help you build a client base.

Home Advisor is not free. They give user free access to contractor’s contact information and reviews, but they charge businesses for every qualified lead. Unless you’re a paying member, you won’t be able to receive leads or engage with potential clients. Price varies depending on the price of the job as well as the competitiveness of the market. The problem is that not all leads lead to business. Some people are just getting quotes exclusively for references. Others are simply testing the waters. They don’t have any intention of actually hiring a contractor. This can eat up your profit really fast

If you are considering advertising small job leads, then go ahead and use Home Advisor. Leads for big jobs will cost you $50 and up. With price shoppers all over the place, you’ll be wasting a lot of money with little results. This is a great tool for starting businesses, but it’s not the best choice for long-term marketing.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List was the pioneer in the home services marketplace. It was one of the first websites that allowed people to read and publish reviews of local businesses and contractors. Here, you can find contractors and reputable services for just about anything.

Angie’s List is a members-only website that charges both businesses and users an annual fee. Business owners have to pay in order to advertise on the platform. Consumers will also need to pay a membership fee to access information and post reviews. They began offering this service for free in 2016 in an attempt to increase user registration.

Despite their goal of connecting potential clients with contractors or home improvement services, the company’s revenue has been sliding for some time. Membership has plateaued and the company has been losing money. Last year, Angie’s List agreed to be acquired by IAC. They are currently working on re-igniting the brand. This does not mean that you should not advertise there. Plenty of businesses still do. Its just a matter of which one suite your business better, as well as your business goals.

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