Shopify Websites

Shopify is the #1 platform for e-commerce today!
With over 1 million businesses using Shopify (including Fitbit, Kylie Cosmetics, RedBull,
Tesla and WholeFoods) it is becoming the leader in the e-commerce space.


Fun fact…

Shopify has nearly 11% of the total e-commerce market share (Statista) and it’s growing!

Currently sitting in the top three eCommerce marketing platforms, Shopify is the best solution when it comes to e-commerce platforms. It’s user-friendly, integrates with virtually any tool or inventory management system, and allows you to quickly gain momentum with your marketing.

For these reasons (and many others) we proudly recommend and build Shopify websites for our eCommerce clients.  

Shopify is perfect for setting up an eCommerce storefront to your already existing brick and mortar store or if you are ready to move your existing platform over to a new system.

Shopify Packages:
Depending on your needs, our packages start at flexible rates. Whether you are launching a brand new shop, migrating to a new system or customizing your already existing shop, we have pricing to fit your needs. Below is just a few things we offer:

  • Brand new, customized Shopify store – Prices start at $5,000 (prices vary depending on the scope of the project)
  • Catalog set up and creation – Hourly rate – please inquire on our contact page!
  • Store revamp, collection re-vamp, and new pages – Hourly rate, please inquire on our contact page
  • Custom product pages so you can use Shopify’s drag-and-drop editor functionality no matter what page you are designing.

Take a look at some of our most recent projects below! 


Honig’s Official

Industry: eCommerce
Location: Denver, Colorado

Trail Map:
Website Migration
Shopify Template Install & Customizations
New eCommerce Infrastructure
Klaviyo Setup
and more! See Case Study.

Honig’s, a leading 35-year-old company in the sports apparel industry, is located in Denver Colorado. With customers from all over the world, Honig’s is the leader in the Umpire clothing and appeal business. See how we boosted this brand into the 21st venture with a new website, inventory management system, product customization system and so much more!




Industry: eCommerce
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Trail Map:
Website Migration
Shopify Template Install & Customizations

The man, the myth the legend! Evel Knievel needed a new website platform for the promotion and sale of their custom tee-shirts, mugs, posters, and other E.K. memorabilia. We moved them over to Shopify from Squarespace to give them a seamless shopping experience all from one platform.



Industry: eCommerce / Small Batch Cidery
Location: Sacramento, California

Trail Map:
Website Migration
Shopify Template Install & Customizations

Posterity Ciderworks is a small batch cidery in California. With cider releasing in Spring of 2022, Posterity Ciderworks wanted to create a place online where visitors could purchase cider, join their cider club, make reservations for the tasting room, and learn about sustainable cidery practices.



Industry: eCommerce / Lifestyle Boutique
Location: Tracy, California

Trail Map:
Website Migration
Shopify Template Install & Customizations

The Owl Box started off as a local brick-and-mortar boutique in downtown Tracy California. In 202 they took their shop online but weren’t getting the traction they knew they were capable of. When the Owl Box found us we took their existing BigCommer site and moved it over to Shopify, making their sales and data more transparent and their shopper’s experience more trustworthy. These ladies are on their way to having a successful and thriving e-commerce shop location.



Industry: eCommerce
Location: Denver, Colorado

Trail Map:
Website Copywriting and Development
Shopify Template Install & Customizations

Alexxander is a high-performance backpack company located in Lafayette Colorado. They strive to make the working man’s commute stylish and easy with their tech-first construction, weatherproofing materials and compartment-friendly designs.



Industry: eCommerce
Location: Lafayette, Colorado

Trail Map:
Website Refresh on Shopify

Kargo Gear came to Summit to update their current website on Shopify. We updated their home page, product listings, images, menus, header and footer, created a pop-up to start building their email list, and executed a social media strategy to build their brand presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The end result is a clean, shoppable website that now generates consistent sales and brand awareness globally.



Industry: eCommerce
Location: Denver, Colorado

Trail Map:
Website Copywriting
Shopify Template Install & Customizations

Tropaquatics is the largest fish distributor for Walmart and Denver Public Schools. They had been through a number of developers to get online store set up properly. We created a collection of catalogs, set up easy shipping, and created a password-protected section for schools to shop for student learning materials. The end result is a beautiful, functional, eCommerce storefront.

Tropaquatics eCommerce Brand

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